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Disturbing neighbors

Roman Polański, I like both as a director and actor. I like the darkness that lurks in his films, this mystery, confidentiality, and above all, how interesting, the topic of the human psyche - focusing on its operation, complexity and extremes. Although "Lokator" is not so well associated with the director's name, as "Rosemary's Baby", "Pianist" or "Chinatown", in my opinion, it should be inscribed in the history of cinematography as a psychological thriller of all time. The film starts quite simply. The Polish emigrant, Trelkowski, in whose role (to my great joy) impersonates Roman Polański himself, arrives in a Parisian tenement house in the matter of an advertisement for renting a flat. It turns out that the previous tenant, a certain Simone Choule, tried to commit suicide by jumping from the window and is currently fighting for life in the hospital. The foreigner moves into an empty apartment, but soon it turns out that it is not easy to live in this small community of onerous neighbors. There are complaints and denunciations, and citizens have a grudge against everyone, even the smallest noise or sound. They do not give Trelkowski any moment of peace. Against the background of this storage war we observe the change of the main character. At the beginning, Trelkowski is kind, polite and patient in relation to other residents.

He can even be described as naive, he accepts any will imposed upon him. With time, however, the situation overwhelms him, and the feeling of being surrounded makes him distrustful, nervous, violent and slowly begins to guess what was really the reason for the suicide of Simone Choule. The film is an adaptation of Roland Topor's book "Chimeryczny lokator", and Polański proved to be the rightful owner of the director's chair. Masterfully builds tension, and in creating a specific climate helps skilful handling of the camera and disturbing music. The creator brings us to the climax consistently and without haste. It does not focus on events, but on the psyche of the main character and the limits of the human mind, which lurks insanity and madness. In addition, he speaks of the lack of tolerance and acceptance of the surroundings, the stifling strangeness of individualism, the manipulation of the individual, as well as loneliness and powerlessness, which are often the cause of rebellion. Claustrophobia, schizophrenia, paranoia, persecutory mania. If someone likes such atmosphere, "Tenant" will certainly meet his expectations, but I think that the film, due to its universal themes, will be liked by other symphatizers of good cinema.


Captain Nonconformist
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